About Us

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Locally Owned and Operated in Oklahoma City

Freedom Health Solutions is locally owned and specializes in infection disease control services, including disinfection services for COVID-19. We use products that are environmentally safe, ecologically sound, and highly effective. We take pride in our community and our top priority is to provide a resource for proper education and a service to benefit the health of our beloved community.

Freedom Value Proposition

Our aim is to offer our community and loved ones PEACE OF MIND by preventing contagious contaminants from disrupting our personal health and well-being, as well as causing mass economic hardship. We achieve this by providing them with 24/7/365 disinfection through the most advanced technology and superior service.

As an Aerus distributor for air and surface disinfectant products, we're happy to provide you with everything you need to keep your home or business clean. We do spray disinfecting for residential and commercial clients. It's our goal to help our community stay clean.

Our locally owned and operated business offers free estimates for open and honest pricing. We've partnered with the American Veterans Care Connection to support service members. Our services are available throughout Edmond, Oklahoma City, Yukon, Moore, and Norman, OK as well as the surrounding areas.

Community Involvement

Giving back to our OKC veterans

Freedom Health Solutions is more than just our name, it represents the principle of our great country. Freedom is associated with America and it did not come free. It was bought and paid for by many brave men and women before us.

At Freedom Health Solutions, we are dedicated to honoring those heroes and their families by giving back to all service members past and present. That's why we've partnered with the American Veterans Care Connection (AVCC).